Friday, March 13, 2015

More Than Swans

Lots of birds winter over in this  North Carolina refuge area, but without a tripod and fearing disturbing them, I only got a short afternoon's worth of photos of most of the birds.

Below is the gang all together.  There were many pods of birds like this all over the refuge.

Most of these water birds were shy.  I never did get a decent shot of the coots without them paddling like madmen/women to a far shore!  You can tell by that bird in the lower left, I am not welcome.

I tried to get some photos of these shovel bills, since I do not have any of this duck, but they were also shy and rarely had their head above water and this photo does not do justice to their colors!  Actually they are probably packing on the carbs for the long trip ahead.

Finally, I did get one shot of pintails with the male showing that lovely blue bill and you can see why they are named pintails.


  1. handsome bird, the pintails.

  2. Now I have to Google Shovelheads to get the full picture.

  3. If you google shovelheads you get a few bird pictures and a lot of motorcycles.

  4. Some birds just don't know how to deal with photographers and take advantage of it! The mallards have no such qualms, which may be why they are so easily recognized.

  5. One should Google shovelers and ducks or dabblers.

  6. You are being very responsible for staying away from the birds so that you don't alarm them. You did get important photos that show larger picture of bird behavior.

  7. Great photo of the Pintail couple.
    We get large flocks of Northern shovelers on the lagoon at Whidbey Island in the spring.


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