Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The First One

I am off on my trip.   I do not want you to forget me, so I have scheduled some simple flower "paintings"  to go up every few days just for 'remembrance' until I return.  I appreciate your tolerance with my Haiku.

Here is the first one ---white azaleas.

Pale as ghosts in mist
With shimmering angel's wings
The spirit of spring


  1. If I had a brain I would. Lovely words and image. Have a great trip....waving.

  2. Beautiful! Have a wonderful trip!

  3. Enjoy your trip and I will enjoy your flower paintings while you are gone.

  4. Looking forward to the interim posts and then the one that tells and shows where you've been and what you've been up to!

  5. Was here days ago, machine uncooperative with comment again.

    Pretty flowers. At least you have time to contemplate the Haiku, n follow the formula. I've lost patience with rhyme n meter lately. Bet you are having a great time!


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