Sunday, August 16, 2015

Do You Remember?

There was a song
How go the words? 
That had a chorus 
If I can just remember,
We sat on the beach 
The music of the band 
Drifting across the sand 
If I can just remember,
There was a chinkle of glass 
There was the laughter 
Of other couples dancing
If I can just remember,
There was sand in my toes 
And sand in your hair 
And the whisper of wind in grass 
If I can just remember,
You held my hand 
We smiled in surprise 
Yes, that was our song 
If I can just remember.


Kat said...

Haha! Yes. I get this. This sounds like my hubby trying to describe a movie we watched together. "It was a funny movie with that lady that you like and that guy that was in that other movie we liked." Huh?
The lovely picture makes this sweet and sentimental.

messymimi said...

Sometimes the memories slip away, and sometimes they come back so beautifully. It's nice when that happens.

Red said...

Always great poetry from you!

Mage said...

Just lovely.

barbara judge said...

Tabor -- I hear a love song to your husband. Wonderful thoughts. --- barbara