Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Resting in Beauty

The backyard squirrels have discovered the pomegranate tree this year.  The fruit, while beautiful in its waxy red glow, is very sour and not what we would miss.  We grow the tree for the lovely flowers and pretty fruit and do not care that we cannot get any to eat.  Here the chickadee rested one afternoon for a very short time, long enough for me to capture his perky beauty.


Red said...

I'm surprised you can grow pomegranates. Great shot of a lively chickadee.

messymimi said...

Pomegranates are beautiful, and i wonder if the bird would want some of it, too.

Linda Reeder said...

How cool to be able to grow pomegranates!. And yes, it is hard to get chickadees to sit still long enough to get their pictures taken.