Sunday, November 01, 2015


I have a sugar maple tree.  Boy do I have a sugar maple tree! 
When first planted it was just my height, now it is thrice my size 
and I am probably a bit shorter, and still it is young.
It grows with madness creating huge palm shaped fans of green 
that flicker and fly and make deep green shade
in the summer
sheltering insects and birds and me. 
It is a snow bird in my warmer climate
but seems to accept the longer season.

When autumn comes for her audacious visit,
my maple becomes insane in reds, peaches,
oranges and limes 
flaunting color back at the sun 
bold and bodacious in its shades of glory

expending the last of its energy before casting everything to the ground,
in the grand finale then taking a long winter's nap. 


  1. Excellent description of lovely photos! We had a sugar maple at one time, but down here, it doesn't flaunt such lovely colors, it doesn't get cold enough.

  2. Very nice! And a very nice tree too!

  3. it is gorgeous. I have a maple, not a sugar maple, but it never colors, the leaves just fall. by the time it gets cold here, most all the leaves have fallen.

  4. Great descriptive poem of your friend the sugar maple.

  5. Great writing! That tree is truly inspiring!
    The full moon maple by our front door lights up the house through the big windows when the sun shines on it. Alas, our big weekend storm is bringing it's glorious show to a quick closing.

  6. Gorgeous! We just had a wind storm that took many of those colored leaves down but the little grandkids and I saved some to make collages and we can enjoy them for a bit more. Thanks to your photos we can enjoy them much longer.

  7. What a lot of fun....insane
    in reds and.... :)

  8. Yes! They are beautiful and fast growing. We have sugar maples too. We also have a few called Autumn Blaze. They are amazingly brilliant. They cast such a wonderful glow in our yard in fall. Love that.
    Gorgeous pictures!

  9. It sure is a beauty enhanced only by your wonderful writing.

  10. What a splendid tree! I feel a bit the same about the cherry I grew from a pip! Utterly beautiful in both Spring and autumn AND it produces food! what more could you ask!

  11. What a gorgeous trees and breathtaking colors!
    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend.


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