Thursday, April 07, 2016

On the Green

According to science our rods and cones (those in our eyes, not the garage) see greens and greenish yellow the best even though we see thousands or perhaps millions of colors overall. It has been suggested that it is because of our need to eat greens as primates.  According to one website: "A "standard" eye can distinguish about 200 nuances per color. The human eye sees therefore approximately: 200 x 200 x 200 = 8.000.000 colors ! (Note that we are far from the billions of colors that some monitors or televisions are talking about)."  Scientists say that the eye has a more extended sensitivity towards greens than towards the other two primary colors red and blue, and perhaps, that's why digital cameras sensors have two green pixels for a red and a blue pixel when you look at it with a magnifier!

I think that green is a very peaceful and restorative color. When spring comes, all it takes is a glimpse of a lime green field of new growth or the green flags of spring leaves waving at us against the blue sky to restore us to a more peaceful mood.  

So I went outside to absorb some greens.

Sweet peas in the garden.

Spring mosses


messymimi said...

Lovely to see, especially after the drab browns of winter!

joeh said...

At first, since I am watching the Masters golf tournament, I thought you were talking about golf. Even if you do not like the sport you should watch a bit of this event just for the beauty of the fine course, and talk about greens! Along with the azaleas it is a beautiful event.

Never mind the golf, what a venue!

Linda Reeder said...

I call early spring the season of glowing greens. There are so many shades of just green!

Red said...

Interesting about the makeup of our eyes and how you related it to the pleasantness of spring.

ellen abbott said...

green is a very restorative color. I don't know if we are so responsive to green because that's what we mostly ate as pre-humans or if it's just because most of the world is green. I wonder if green has the same effect on people who live in the desert. yellows and tans may be calming for them. perhaps it has to do with the environment in which we are nurtured.

Granny Annie said...

This is our second year of coming back fully green after our drought. It is so beautiful.

Mage said...

I can smell your garden here. :)
You ok after your wreck?

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

The color green
that I view
emerging in the woods
is beautiful.

Wild flowers are surfacing
and so happy
that Spring has finally arrived..

I carry my lunch out to the deck
daily when sun is shining.

Bob Bushell said...

So, that is what you are doing, plant watching. The Hosta is so beautiful, love them all.