Thursday, March 09, 2017

Blue Buttons

A while back I was down in the dirt trying to take photos of a ground cover weed of the speedwell family and I posted those photos here. A few years ago I got a hybridized vagabond speedwell that had taken a ride in some plant that I purchased and I cannot remember what plant, so do not ask. I saw a small bloom on this hitchhiker and decided to plant it in the side of one of my flower beds. He loved it and spread his wings and filled the side of the bed. I dug him up in a couple of years and planted a little bit somewhere else. Each spring they thrust their blue blossoms up to the sun long before anything else, except for a few daffodils and my hellebores. Today was like real spring and after weeding I took my camera down to the earth braving the spiders and ticks and got these photos:

Can you see that the blossoms are slightly larger and certainly more saturated with color than those I posted in the earlier post?

The blossoms do not last long, but after cold gray winters, they are button-faced-joy.


  1. Tiny spring glory! They are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful little things.

  3. Looks attractive. I hope it's not invasive.

  4. just perfection.


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