Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Blue Eyes

Below are photos I took in the late afternoon, yesterday, of  corn speedwell or birds eye speedwell (Veronica arvensis).  The blossoms are very small and I had to lie in the cold damp grass to get these.  The seeds germinate in the fall and grow slowly throughout the winter and then really put on a show in the very early spring as they take over the more shady parts of the lawn.  Then they die back in the summer.  Slender speedwell, similar, spreads by stolons.  This blue baby is abundant in our unsuccessful lawn as we do not use weed killer or fertilizer unless it is absolutely necessary!  Our lawn is mostly mowed weeds.  Corn flowers seem to grow almost anywhere in the U.S., so you may have some in your lawn.

For a weed they are really quietly lovely and the early pollinators seem to find them essential.

And below is a photo painting.  While it is a challenge using the mouse to paint light and dark and colors I have fun creating things that can be immediately erased when I make an error.

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