Friday, February 03, 2017

Quiet but Perfect

During warmer months I spend time disappearing into the green woods of the eastern American woodlands. The rain is abundant and trees, shrubs, and ferns are full and lush. They tempt you off the path and into the fantasy world just beyond the rays of the sun where the verdant shadows are most intimidating and most seductive. The impossible feats of magic are possible here.  The exotic that makes you gasp is just beyond that line of young honey locust trees, and if you walk very quietly, shhh, you might not scare the wood stream orchid that has emerged today.  The hollow thunk is just the woodpecker at lunch on that huge fallen oak.  The pungent smell is the earth moving in her sleep.  That warm air is just the breath of the doe watching you  secretly from behind the trees.

 The photo above was posted years ago.  Can you see the deer deep into the center of the photo below the distant light?  I took this photo and did not know she was there.

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