Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Frittering Around

Early in the spring, maybe early April, while the weather was still cool, I saw a Monarch butterfly sailing across my yard and stopping at the tight green buds of the butterfly weed that was slowly emerging in one of my flower beds. I felt a pang of concern that he/she had flown here so early.  I had not seen a single butterfly other than this one and there was no nectar for sustenance.   The iris were blooming as were Columbine, but no substantial energy seemed available for this insect carrying some magnificent abstract orange and black art on its back.

We are now well into June and butterflies of all types are crossing the lawn to check out the butterfly weed, the Echinacea, the lavender, the primrose, etc.  

Below are a few of my visitors these past two weeks.

Checkered White---Pontia protodice

One of the skippers, a little blurry.

American Lady ? a little tattered from the storms.

Spicebush Swallowtail---Papilio troilus

Zebra swallowtail---Eurytides marcellus

Black swallowtail---Papilio polyxenes

Great spangled fritillary(?)---Speyeria aphrodite

They really do compete with the blossoms!


  1. Beautiful photographs
    I'm sure I will be using your post to identify butterflies I see. Thank you

  2. WOW...I see moths here. I even own a butterfly book, but can't find them. Simply flat out lovely.

  3. We don't see many where i live, those are lovely!

  4. I've never seen such variety but in a conservatory. Beautiful!

  5. I had one of those white butterflies and was told they sting. It is very beautiful.

  6. Very nice. I don't see that much variety. Maybe I'm not looking or noticing enough.

  7. I'd say you know your butterflies. I wish I could go with you someday and have you point out the different butterflies.

  8. What a wonderful variety of butterflies you have!

  9. Great images of the Butterflies, they are beautiful.

  10. I also have never seen most of these in person! you are in a blessed spot there! Great pics I know are tough to get in focus! Thanks. I'll be back to keep looking!


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