Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Certain Warm Frostiness

We sit and wait. That is what old people do. We wait for the snow. It will only be an inch or at the most two. But it is a highlight of our day. Or night...it comes in tonight. As I was waiting, I realized that I had not posted a good chunk of the photos from our last (second) snowfall. So, I will give you some weather. Make some tea or coffee and put your feet up and pull that quilt over the extremities and dream.

This photo above is what it looks like from the main road as you see my house, except it is hidden.  The cage to the right protects a hybrid of an American Chestnut that my husband is sheltering from the dear who seem to think that this seedling is perfect for removing the velvet from their antlers!

This is the idleness of the dock waiting for spring and canoeing, crabbing and if the winter is not too awful, harvesting some oysters.

I had left the house early and surprised this fox who was not sure whether I was plant or animal.  I had on my camouflage jacket and black pants, the wrong lens, but did not move as I snapped.

Then right behind came the mate, but this one was even more confused as he /she ran toward me and did not turn until the last minute to cross the road.

It was a perfect frosty morning and maybe tomorrow will bring me another. 
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