Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Pajama Birds

While living in the tropics I used to snorkel a lot. My husband was an expert on the biota in the ocean and thus we were able to identify most tropical fish. I found the Sphaeramia nematoptera fish almost clownlike in its beauty. I called it the pajama fish and was surprised to learn later on that it was on sale as "Pajama Cardinalfish."

The photo above is taken from an aquaria sales site as I did not have a slide of this fish. I felt that the red eye only added to the hangover in pajamas look.

This leads me to another living being that I like to call the silk pajamas bird.  They are in the woodpecker family.

This is the Northern Flicker which moves in flocks down our roadsides in spring looking for grubs and worms. This winter I have had a single bachelor arrive in his silk pajamas/smoking jacket to my water dish, mostly when the snows are heavy.

I love the red sleeping cap he wears on the back of his head.

When they flock together and take off when startled the white of their rumps is a clear identifier.  

They are a large bird and can toss up a bunch of snow upon departure.

This one flew just a short distance to my side door and sat there while the snows continued to drift down.  He kept looking in asking for an open door.

Did he know something that I did not?  

Gotta love their personality.


  1. He’s a beauty. I’ve never gotten as close to one as you did. Great photos!

  2. We have Flickers in the US that are almost identical in looks. Ours are more timid, they fly off at any movement and don't travel in flocks. Amazing to me how some of our creatures and birds can be so similar. Was it the continents being connected 100 million years ago, or did they hitch rides on ancient ships?

  3. I am in the U.S. and ours are also very shy and timid. This one was a little strange in behavior.

  4. The more different creatures we discover in the ocean, the more awed i am by the variety.

    Lovely little bird, i hope he got what he wanted, or what he needed.

  5. makes you wonder what they think as they cling and peer in. beautiful fish and bird.

  6. We have the western red-shafted northern flicker here year round. One of them can clean out our suet feeder pretty fast. During certain times of the year a flicker will sit on our metal chimney cap and drum on it, making quite a racket inside and outside. They are beautiful and fun to watch.

  7. the Northern flicker is an impressive bird. The are beautiful and curious.

  8. We see Flickers all summer long, but no tropical fish!

  9. That last picture looks like a wood carving.

  10. Finches here. One or two other imported British birds too. Doves, crows, and a hawk or two is all we have this year.

  11. The flicker is just about my favorite bird. My old house had an overhea phone line with Virginia Creeper on it and the Flickers would come and dine on the red berries in season. Really appreciate your photos.

  12. What a nifty visitor! He does look smart!
    So polka dots signal Jammies in your ID criteria!


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