Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Rusty and Ready

Spring is teasing today. Weather is almost warm even though the skies are slate gray. The songbirds are checking out some new houses that we got as holiday gifts and that we put up a day ago. Some animal has dragged the suet away from its fishing line across an outside part of the deck. This is the third time, and it means we probably will no longer hang out more suet even if we can find the wire cage somewhere down the ravine.

A few weeks ago the weather was crisp but dry and sunny.  I glanced out my bedroom window and in the rust-colored grasses I saw movement.  I had to squint my old eyes, but sure enough, there was a healthy looking fox.

I took photos with my camera, but my window was angled and I was afraid to open it and frighten him away.

When I checked my photos and then looked back he had been joined by another.  They sniffed and kissed and nipped and made small sounds for quite some time.

They were so lovely and I am sure that the brambles just up the way are going to be the cover for a den under a large tree trunk that fell years ago.  I have mixed feelings because I think this is also where the deer gives birth to her fawns.

I worked on the photo above to sharpen it and give it some energy.  You may remember that I wrote about these two a few months ago after the newly fallen carpet of white snow when they were running and jumping and actually almost ran into me before they recognized I was human.
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