Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Just in Time

We were first told to expect no snow. 

Then we were told we were on the edge. 
(How did they know?) 
We saw the first white as we left the city

Then it came in big fat wet kisses.

Then it came in thin white scarves.

Then it came in full force as we arrived home, safely.

Winter has, at last, arrived.


  1. not something I want to see in my yard or vicinity. snow is really pretty...in pictures.

  2. Love your descriptions! Your post makes me smile.

    Bright sun and freezing cold here today. Scrape windshield, then washer spritz, and then sit in my car watching the duh on me melt because washer fluid too thin to scrape off.

  3. Snow does not belong in the swamps, i'd much rather visit it elsewhere than live with it. It is pretty, though.

  4. Not fun when you have to drive when it's snowing. Good you got home safely.

  5. Snow in our mountains, where we want it, and down below, only rain. Today was very dark and dreary. Snow would excite us, but we are all too busy for snow right now. Traveling in it with our hills is no fun.

  6. It’s going to be a long one it appears.

  7. Brrr, glad you are safely home. So far we are getting frozen fog, thin white layer on everything but ice on the streets. I think we are in for a week of something warmer for awhile.

  8. Simply wonderful So glad you delivered the kids and made it home ok. That's the storm that flooded us here.

  9. Wonderful, poetic photo essay


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