Friday, May 29, 2020


This lonely and newly fledged Titmouse has spent weeks tapping at my windows. He arrives in the early morning on the east side of the house where my cut leaf maple tree makes perfect take-off perching.  Then he does his morning exercise while I work on my blog or listen to a series of lectures on Winston Churchill.

He spends at least five full minutes calling and calling and calling. "Peter-Peter-Peter!" Is he calling for his mother and father? Where are his siblings? Did some tragedy strike his whole family?  His song is monotonous.

Then he braces himself and begins the repetitive process of flinging himself (herself?) against the window again and again and again.  My windows are sprayed with his saliva and may soon be scratched with his claws and beak. Eventually,  he flys to the west side of the house and to my patio door.

He peaks in to watch me working or to see if there is food or for some unknown other reason.  He is pretty much unafraid of my coming to the window and trying to tap him away. With that fearlessness and total focus, I am afraid he will soon be hawk food before summer is over.  I wonder when he has time to eat.

Should I open the door and invite him in???


  1. LOL! He looks like a toughy.
    Your photos are so spot on capturing the attitude of the bird. Consider making a cartoon strip of him.
    His reflection in the glass probably has him thinking you have a house full of titmouses. If you let him indoors, he'll probably crap over everything when he sees a mirror.

  2. We used to have a robin to this sort of thing. Sue hung a tinfoil plate in the window, and my memory tells me that it worked.

  3. No.
    There is a sequence in Series five where a dove spends an eon pecking at a window.

    1. Do doves live for an eon? ;-)

  4. Yes but have a net. Catch him and release him in another location.

  5. Poor little guy, just enamored with you and you have a cold shoulder for him! Or a camera anyway. Definitely keep him outdoors.

  6. It does sound odd. Is there a bird behaviorist you can ask?

  7. maybe set some sunflower seeds out for him? I have a young cardinal that will operch on the small tree outside my window and chirp at me if there is no seed laid out. I dutifully get up and spread some more on the elephant planter stand.

  8. Great persistence, I agree with you, by the way, I am also a fan of Winston Churchill.


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