Sunday, October 02, 2022

Review of the Trip with Some Imagination

I was running a mild temperature when I took most of the photos below, so focus and composition can really be off. Just remember that I did not realize I was sick at the time. Below are the only real elk that we saw. They were young ones avoiding the rut on the hill up the road.
You can see from the collars that the herd is monitored closely. There is a hunting season that allows the killing of elk with strict limits and regulations. 

Above is one of the meadows that provide a view of where the elk males leave the cover of the woods to fight with each other and begin their fall harem.   We saw nothing but the familiar and beautiful goldenrod.


We did take a small hike the following day and saw some  more fall color and a small wide lake area where boats awaited the weekend fishermen and fisher women.  

And the ancient spirits of former elk still haunted us.

It is a lovely and vast area and we just touched a small portion and will return in the future with better focus and energy.


  1. Fantastic photos!
    The elk look so clean and groomed. Pennsylvania looks beautiful. The Ancient Spirits photo does have a haunting vibe.

  2. While this trip wasn't all you hoped for, you now get to look forward to going again and rediscovering! I love being able to do that.

  3. For a trip that wasn't all you'd hoped, you did get some beautiful photos.

  4. I hope that you do return and explore the area again. It looks quite wonderful. Sorry that you were not well and that you have fully recovered by now.

  5. Sort of coming in here at the end so I don't know what trip but it does look like a nice area. I've never seen elk myself.

  6. That is a photo-worthy tree.

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