Saturday, December 03, 2022

An Early Morning as Fall Moves On

I was up at 5:30 this morning. A good seven hours of uninterrupted sleep is my best and average time. The plant lights were on in the corner of the kitchen as I opened the bedroom door.  I have saved a few geraniums, a large pot of parsley,  and my two citrus trees.  

It is still very dark outside and will prove to be a cloudy and rainy day. I can see beyond the deck that the holiday lights are still on at most of the docks. This is a new tradition only a few years old and it gives a pretend city festivity to our country environment. I do not feel so isolated. 

An intermittent loneliness sometimes descends on me and I am sure it has to do with aging and knowing my years are limited in this space and the loss of friends and acquaintances this past month. Yes, more than one! 

I see a large oak leaf falling outside the window as the heavier rain begins.  It does not twirl as the others did in early fall but dive bombs down the two stories to the lawn.  

Then a rush of air pushes another dried leaf against the front door making it sound as if a small bird is tapping to get inside...quickly!  

The colder weather keeps me inside and it is not even all that cold! The water in the bird bath is frozen but many plants are still hanging on. I have put out the heated bird bath and the birds come to that in the early dawn, sometimes to even bathe!! 

Oh, if you are still Christmas shopping here is an ad that you might consider.  I somehow or other think Brent is lying about his shape.

Our sunsets have been extraordinary these fall months! The most brilliant was taken with my pixel cell phone. It does such a good job, wonder why I have a camera!

Hubby, who has been fighting a cold for two days, is now up and needing breakfast.  Also, I hear my phone pinging with several text messages, probably from my son and my daughter checking on their dad, or sending another precious photo of that new special baby.  AND the soccer game is about to start!  I am blessed and have no reason to feel sad.


  1. Phone cameras can do remarkable things.

  2. Really lovely sunsets. We usually get out best ones in the winter. I try not to think of the short time I probably have left, just try to make the days good ones.

  3. The photos are beautiful.

    We lose our friends but life goes on as another precious grandchild thrives!

  4. I am sorry for the loss of your friends. The nature surrounding you can be a comfort.

  5. With the sunsets you have you don't need to be sad. On the other hand it's hard to lose people one by one.

  6. Oh, those sunsets! I miss our window to the west, which was swallowed up by huge houses about five years ago.
    We have had drips and drabs of snow on the ground all week. It never quite melts before we get the next snow showers.
    We finished our decorating today. There will be more photos. Of course we took time out to sit and watch the soccer game. I thinks the US Mens National Team represented the USA well. Thank you, boys. .

  7. Sadness is a condition that sometimes descends upon you without logic or reason, but a sure antidote is the kind of gorgeous sky you depict here. Surely that will lift even the most downcast of spirits. And the birds splashing at the heated water will only add to the joy. As for a husband bugging you to get breakfast, maybe not so much!


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