Saturday, November 26, 2022

A Digital Autumn

Those of us who have fun with cameras find catching all the color and light difficult in the autumn since it only lasts a few weeks and we are busy with various holidays. Below is the view from my deck to our neighbor's weekend house across the way. The first has just some clarity and lighting. The second photo was dodging and burning and a filter or two. The third is an abstract filter, heavier saturation, even more dodging, and a vignette and the last is a sketch filter and some contrast to make it look more sketchy.
There is not a lot of difference in each although multiple layers were involved.


  1. The realism and sharpness of the first has a larger and more mysterious story than the others. Beautiful scene.

  2. I don't begin to understand your processes, but the results are all lovely.

  3. It’s fun and educational to play like this. Which one do you like best? And has your opinion changed at all since to you first did them?

    1. I can never seem to get the effect or lighting or whatever that I really want. Every once in a while I will a version that makes me smile, but I still do not have a style or approach that works for me and for most of those photos.

  4. Each is beautiful in its own right. I love how you experimented! I need to try that…

  5. It's fascinating to see what people can do with photos.


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