Thursday, November 17, 2022

In the MIddle of November

November, which oddly means nine because the Roman calendar had only ten months, is also the blood month, the time of slaughter of the animals to prepare for food for winter.  The days are shorter and colder and we feel the need to store away grain and meat. Even the sunsets seem colder and shorter.

We are in the middle of November and the blood-red colors are just leaving us.  They can be so intense that they make us gasp as if indeed we had just slaughtered some mammal.  

My persimmon puts on its show of gold and peach and wine to compete with the taller red maples that are dancing deeper in the forest.  It even hides its fruit as a challenge.

It is the time of year when man and dog get to put on their show of talent and discipline.  The hunting season is already upon us.

If you are lucky enough to live on the water you can see the sunlight with its low autumnal angle as it bounces off the river and lights up the trees with a bit of pretend warmth.  Well, indeed, now, it is time for me to collect the broken wood scattered across the yard to be used in a fire this evening.


  1. Hi! The colors in your photos are beautiful. It seems to me we had a "blood" moon earlier this month.


  2. Beautiful post

    Picking up kindling wood for my parents was a favorite thing to do in the woods. One year I think they had more branches than logs.

  3. I enjoyed this post very much. I will post some of my garden red too. The wind is blowing on a sunny day here and the air is now full of wafting leaves and fir tree needles. The beauty will become a mess to tidy up, but we'll enjoy it while we can.

  4. Love this post of autumn’s wonder!

  5. Autumn beauty at its finest.

  6. Your photos are strong. 👍

  7. Glorious colours. It is so sad that people live in areas that don't experience fall. Not for me!

    1. The brief few weeks of fall color are not reward enough for months of snow for some of us.

  8. If I had a fireplace I would never ever have to buy wood since my four pecan and two oak trees keep me supplied all year with dead fallen limbs and branches.

  9. Beautiful autumn images, the first is a must, thanks Tabor.


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