Friday, September 29, 2023

Hinterland and Rain

I do not live in the wilderness and it could be called Hinterland rarely by some, but it is mostly environmental easement woodlands. A place where the deer and fox can hide until dusk and dawn and then they can sneak about to find food. My deer can munch anywhere but must avoid the highways. My fox has a task that is a little more difficult finding moles, voles, wood mice, etc. The fall rains have started. There has not been true rain, just misty air for days. Like a net of drops, it gently covers everything.

I waited patiently for the hot weather to end and the trade-off is perfect temperatures with lots of moisture.
The waxy leaves of the St. John Wort hold each drop as if it were a precious diamond.  The spider web that swings between the long leaves of my Solomons Seal also captures the crystal pearls of rain.  It has become a slide of drops.

The rose above will not bloom again.  I must cut it back in a few months when the weather is much crueler.  The garden needs tidying, but I am more compelled to take photos and I excuse my procrastination and pretend it is a desire to keep the insect homes safe until even colder weather comes...perhaps until spring.


  1. My procrastination on outdoor work is: I'm saving the pollinators!

  2. Beautiful, and I am of a like mind about my garden. It can still wait a bit. However our recent rain was not gentle. Vicious squalls came in off the Pacific, where we were this week, and now my garden is thoroughly watered.

  3. I procrastinate because the weather has been lovely and it won’t be soon enough. We go for walks and picnics instead of doing work.

  4. Beautiful photos. The weather deserves a vacation from rain.

  5. fall deaths in the garden, the brown and dry bodies remain here until spring providing food from seeds at first and shelter for the little lives during winter. it's untidy but so much of life is.

  6. Somehow I am missing your posts, they are not showing up in my feed. Your misty rain makes for great beauty.

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      I have had problems commenting on some other writers blogs as well. I think it has something to do with the browser being used and/or adblocker.


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