Monday, August 07, 2006

Tiny Tunia or Life Finds a Way

This Calibrachoa which is sometimes mistaken for a 'tiny petunia' was found blooming in this abandoned pot next to my new garage door. The pot had been unloaded from one of the many boxes, and because there was still dirt inside, it got set against the garage door outside with some other empty pots.

There also appear to be some white Allisum plants sneaking their way through the earth.

Why is the pot so special? This pot was grabbed at the last minute over three years ago when I had sold my house and it was thrown into the rental house metal shed with soil and all. It was a hanging pot on my deck and I wanted to save the plastic pot because it was in pretty good condition. With the rush of moving and grabbing things and being on overload the dirt in the pot was ignored. It was stored in the metal shed through very high summer temperatures and very cold winter temperatures and no sun and no water for over two years!

Then last Saturday this little red flower bloomed and caught my eye. I brought the plant inside and put it in the laundry room sink filled with water to let it soak for several hours, weeded the clover that was choking out most of the plants, and then I took it outside into partial sun on my deck. I am hoping that it will be OK until I get back there on Friday evening. My husband may be driving down on Thursday and maybe he can check on it.

I feel a lot of responsibility for these little plants now.


Cheyenne said...

Well that just goes to show you how tenacious some things are. That little plant was just hanging on until the right time. We should all take lessons from that.

Sky said...

wow - the pull toward survival is amazing! :)