Friday, August 25, 2006

Whoops, wrong tune.

This is one of the things that helps to pass the time while folding laundry at the new house. We do not have TV hooked up and therefore, I watch some old VHS tapes of my daughters favorite comedian. Normally I would be folding laundry in the evening and gardening in the daytime. We are going slow on the gardening since it is the worst time of year to plant things and we are only there on the weekends to maintain and watch the plants.

This is another reason we are not rushing into planting the landscaping. We spend most of the time moving the sprinkler around the yard to keep what little lawn survived the bulldozer tragedy. In a few places my husband's rush to mow leaves pockets of grass near the house that we ignore. He was going to turn on the hose next to the house yesterday when he saw the grass quivering and upon closer inspection saw this little bunny shivering against the back wall of the house. (We were thinking it would be a snake.) He wouldn't leave until hubby moved the sprinkler one more time and he got caught in the shower!

I was wrong about the tiny tunia that I saved a week ago and it is a regular petunia. The water and fertilizer helped it recover from a neglected tiny plant into a full size petunia. In the center you can see that the alyssum is starting to bloom as well if you click on the photo.

FINALLY, the plant in the pot in the post below is an ornamental oregano. It smells wonderful.


  1. Poor wee bunny! I hope he recovered.
    Someone gave me a great big flowerpot filled with various herbs and edible flowers, like nasturtiums. I recently had to divide them all because the pot was getting crowded...I hate having plants die in winter so my office is filled with plants during the snowy Michigan winter!

  2. Carina, I have the same problem and keep hanigng onto plants. This recent move I gave most everything away, but am sure I will start again.


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