Monday, July 30, 2007

This is Much Harder Than it Looks

I sat near the newly installed feeder for quite a while and snapped dozens of pictures. My eyes do not focus as quickly as they used to, so even though I turned off autofocus, which is virtually useless against these tiny hummers, I still didn't get the best photo. We have about four that visit regularly and showed up within a day of putting out the feeder. They will come to the feeder only if you are very, very still when you are sitting on the deck. I am not sure which species--they don't fit the two U.S. species exactly by my I.D. although someone will probably say that at least one is a ruby throated...and they are certainly not the intermittent visitors from the tropics. Their usual fare is the trumpet vine, and we do have quite a few of those.

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  1. I can't believe it. I did exactly the same thing just yesterday morning! I snapped several shots that came out just terrible. My ultimate goal for this summer is a quick-video. I'm trying.

    Yours came out GREAT! Aren't these little guys amazing?


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