Monday, July 09, 2007

How Old Do You Have to Be to Have a Good Time?

We had the joy of a weekend visit from the Grandson due to the vacation of his day care person. He remembers our place well enough now and he is very comfortable being away from Mom and Dad. We introduced him to a large batch of wild raspberries we have near the side of the lawn. The next morning he headed straight out to the spoil. They were very sweet even though they are wild.

He wasn't quite adept at the picking so I had to help a little.

He got every last one and didn't even think of sharing!

We have a little 5-second rule on the raspberry that hits the ground. He was pretty good at dusting it off.

And then we went for a walk. Can you remember when you felt like he did?


  1. He is adorable Tabor! TK gets seperation anxiety so no sleepovers yet. :(

  2. What a lucky grandson you have. He's spending time with his grandmother and mother nature.

    I would love to have gone on that walk and shared those raspberries with him!

    Tabor - I like that new picture of you, intriguing. ;-)

  3. What a wonderful place for him to roam! Looks like a fun time indeed.

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  5. Thanks all. Millie, the picture was the most flattering angle I could get. I got motivated by manababies, and it is not really what I look like!!

  6. He is so beautiful and looks adorable, Tabor! Love all photos!
    Sounds you both had a great time!

    Many thanks for your enthusiastic compliment to my Ipê Rosa!


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