Friday, August 08, 2008

Did You Notice?


The air smells fresher and flatter?
The air tastes interesting?
The breeze now makes a whushing sound that is crisper than the sound it made this summer?
The angles of the sun are cleaner?
The shadows made by the sun are deep tan brown instead of bright yellow brown?
The afternoon sun angles are so richly golden and do not stay as long as they should?
Thunderhead clouds are round and full and complete and no longer linger on the horizon but drift overhead?
The lines that separate the beautiful elements of summer are clean?

Yes, it is on it way...


Ernestine said...

Tabor, this is beautiful.
Finally two nights of in the 60's.
Wonderful. My heart tells me fall is around the corner.

Sky said...

yup - in 3 weeks we will be sitting in the first autumn breezes here.

Kerri said...

I do notice how things change with August on the calendar, and it amazes me! Our end to summer has been wet and cool, so I'm hoping for a long, warm fall - like we had last year.
We are still having daily thunderstorms, and the power was out for 4 hours yesterday afternoon, through dinner time, so we cooked hot dogs on the BBQ, with yellow squash and corn from the garden. It was a good dinner :)