Friday, August 22, 2008

Morning Rush Hour

It is a cool early morning as summer wanes and the chairs on the deck are still wet with dew. I spread a towel and sit back to welcome the start of the day. High above flocks of swallows are heading somewhere nearby, perhaps to chase insects above the cornfield. A blue jay sits on a nearby oak branch working on his breakfast ground worm shaking away the dirt by banging it against the branch at his feet. In the distance across the river two osprey, resembling gray kites, swoop up the river and then down looking for their breakfast. On my right where the sun hits the trees first, a female cardinal finds a clear place in the warm rays and does not move for a long time. Nearer to the tops of the tulip trees directly above, a pair of hummingbirds complete their love-ballet against the blue sky zooming one way and then back and then like bee bombers dive and hide in the gold green leaves to complete their tryst. The forest rush hour has started.


  1. Rush hour indeed. We do not have so many birds now, as neighbours on three sides have cats - DARN! We do have a flock of chickadees with a nuthatch that keeps them company fly in several times a day.
    Finally, after living here for 13 years now, we have a resident frog near our pond!
    Our two Cairn Terriers do seem to keep the cats from the back yard, but nothing seems to frighten the deer!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your early morning 'rush hour' that you can sit back and watch and not be caught up in and grit your teeth!

  2. Oh this sounds wonderful and peaceful.
    You have such a great way with words.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. tabor, this is how i spend many of my days...watching and listening to this traffic you describe off and on during the entire day. i add a few other activities like reading, writing, working on files, doing a bit of research, napping, or catching up on mail and my day is spent. i am glad you get to enjoy this in the morning. it is a great way to begin your day, isn't it? we usually end ours in the garden watching the hummers drink their last bit of nectar before the sun sets. perfect beginnings and endings.

  4. This is beautiful, Tabor. We share some of the birds - cardinal, blue jay, hummingbird - but no ospreys. Seeing a Turkey vulture would sound less lyrical but be more likely.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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