Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Partial Solution

A brief visit to K-Mart or Wall-mart or one of those huge stores where I purchased this rubber snake in the toy section of the store. It works as a Cardinalis deterreo...at least for this window. The cardinal does still hit the other windows...but at least I don't sleep on that side of the house!


  1. Tabor, thanks for naming my vine. There must be something in the soil that agrees with it since the vines and leaves are so large and healthy. You also gave me an idea for my mailbox. I wanted to put something different on it.
    Only difference I think the seeds are a shiny "dark dark purple"
    Maybe they are black and I think they are purple. I am smiling.

  2. LMAO! Good for you, Tabor! Where this is a will there is surely a way. :))

  3. Tabor thank you for the comment on my blog.
    This a slow slow process. I do not do to well.
    My son teaches yoga and I wish I was where he is on his path.


Glad to hear from you once again. I really like these visits. Come sit on this log and tell me what you are thinking.