Friday, July 10, 2009

My Fox

Riding my bike along a path in an historic park near my home brought me within site of the gray fox shown in the photos above. At first it looked like a large cat pondering something interesting in the ground at the edge of the cornfield. Then as my bike took me closer and before the animal noticed I was on a path that would cause us to meet, I stopped to photograph what I soon recognized as a wild fox.

My front bike wheel flipped to the side just as I snapped the last picture before the fox hurried into the shelter of the corn creating enough blur that the photo is foggy. A short time later and across another field we saw a fox in the distance, perhaps its' mate?

I have not seen for months my fox that I wrote about a long time ago when we first moved in to the new house. After the first winter living here I did see a dead fox along the highway a mile from the house and I am afraid that our gray fox met with one of those frightening hunks of metal on wheels.

I am hoping this fall that a new fellow ready to leave his family, takes up residence in my neck of the woods once again.


Hilary said...

They're beauties, aren't they? I hope your fox didn't meet such a fate.. but that's a sad, common part of when our worlds collide. Lovely shots.

Angie said...

Wow! I've not seen the gray. We have had some red kits on our road but I haven't seen them in a long time. What a 'gift' for you to come upon this fella!

Phoenix said...

Wow!! That is fascination.. I have never seen a gray fox.. although I know even if I saw one, I would perhaps miss to capture it.

Friko said...

Never seen a grey fox, only reds. plenty of them, of course. Particularly as road kill. Our country lanes are death traps for all wildlife, in particular foxes, badgers and pheasants.