Sunday, July 26, 2009

Squash That Thought

Shall we fry them, he said.
Shall we not, she replied.
But they are perfect now, he argued.
That is why not, she smiled.


Friko said...

I haven't even got to flowering yet.
I use them to decorate a salad, very pretty.

Your previous post was truly interesting; I love this kind of rocky fernery, am trying to recreate one in my garden, and to come across a bear is something else.

We once got lost in cranberry glades in New England. Miles and miles of watery "fields?" hidden away among woods; we were lucky to meet a worker with his truck, he led us out, otherwise we might still be there.

musingwoman said...

Yep, never mess with perfection. :)

Kerri said...

Aren't they lovely?
Someone was talking to my hubby and I at a party on Sunday about eating daylilies, and how delicious they are. Eat my daylilies, I thought, not on your life!
No blossoms on our squash yet. In fact the veggie garden is a weedy, soggy mess. Even our tomatoes, which were doing beautifully, are beginning to turn yellow. But we do have some lovely lettuce and chard, and the woodchuck has left us some beans :)

Barry said...

There are few things more perfect that squash.