Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vulture Culture

I was watching this red-headed turkey vulture who was watching me while I was watching him watch me. ..for some time. I looked him in the eye and I really think he was thinking, "You, too, are going to die someday."

But not before you, I was thinking in stubborness.

Actually this photo reminds me of the old cartoon where two vultures sit on a tree snag in the desert looking over vast nothingness until one of them turns to the other and says, "I don't know about you, but I am going to kill something."


Butler and Bagman said...

Great picture! Great caption-story! There really is something rather bizarre about those birds.

Dave King said...

I see what you mean... actually, he rather reminded me of an undertaker.

Linda said...

When the 'birds of prey' lady came to our school she told us this very gross, disgusting story about turkey vultures. They never actually kill fresh meat, they always wait until it is rotten and alive with maggots before they consume it. THEN.. if an enemy approaches, the turkey vulture defends itself by vomiting up what it just ate and the horrid stench keeps the enemies far away. When the enemies realize how gross this bird is and they leave the turkey vulture alone........ then yes, these birds actually re-eat their own vomit.
It's a story you couldn't make up or ever forget. Beautiful photo! Don't ever get too close.

Hilary said...

Great shot. I do remember that poster well.. "Patience my @$$.. I'm gonna kill something." It was always ironically alongside the "Hang in there" kitty. ;)