Monday, December 14, 2009

Bike Trip!

One of the most energizing days in early winter is to be able to take a bike ride after a pause in the pattern of cold gray rain when the windy weather breaks into the rare sunny 60's.  We had this lucky weather break the first week of December.  We drove to a state park on a point of land on the Bay where we then set out by bike.  Water on one side of the point was as calm as blue glass and on the other side choppy with white frothy peaked waves.  


The air had been washed so clear you had to squint your eyes to see against the angle of the sun. We had the state park all to ourselves except for a young romantic couple out by the lighthouse on the point.  The prior night's heavy rain had flooded the coastal area and we had to bike around small ponds, and little rivers of mud and leftover rain, and washed up sand and drifts of pine needles across the trails along the marsh grass and by the shore.   With my camera in hand I found beautiful bronze, copper, and golden remnants of the summer glittering in the sun.

One is only given a handful of jeweled days like this and my chest cold had at long last reached its wane so that I could enjoy the day fully.

OK, guess I am ready for winter.  (As always clicking on photos gets a better view.)


Barry said...

I love those peaceful late Autumn days when the parks are empty and you can have them all to yourself.

I may be ready for winter as well, but it seems winter wants nothing of us. The forecast this week is for above temperatures and rain.

Maybe it's saving the snow for Christmas Day?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like a great bike ride, Tabor. George used to ride a bike ALOT. I haven't ridden much since my sons were little.

These days we do more walking and hiking due to all of the huge hills around here.

Angie said...

Ah Tabor, what a glorious day it was!! I'm so glad you seized the moment and soaked it up. Your photos are just breathtaking!

Linda said...

I agree with Barry. It's nice in the parks, when you have them to yourself and you only have to share with the wildlife! It's great when the late fall graces us with halcyon days! Barry found your Vow of Silence post by the monks on your other blog. What a hoot! I phoned long distance to my daughters and told them to check it out! Thanks for sharing, Tabor!

Hilary said...

Wonderful photos. It looks like you had a beautiful day there.

Kerry said...

Oh, these are beautiful pictures. And what a perfect day for a bike ride (I'm jealous)!

Bagman and Butler said...

Wonderful winter stroll with camera...the pelican doesn't look happy about those waves. At first I thought he was cold and then I figured he was hungry. Probably makes it harder to see fish from the air.