Sunday, December 06, 2009

The Marauding Hoard

There were a total of five six of these marauders in the ravine, actually four five and one fawn almost grown.  They were hanging out most of the early morning which gave me time to grab the camera and cross the deck to the other side and snap some photos.  The weather was gray, wet and cold.  The rain had stopped, so I did not have to shelter my camera.  You can click on the photo to see how angry this first one looks at being interrupted in his pursuit of food.  I did have to 'red-eye' him, so he looks a little intense.

Because the woods are now clear, I could see them as well as they see me in real time.  Usually I only saw them after hearing much crashing and stumbling up the hill on the other side of the ravine with white tails flashing like surrender flags as I make my distracted way to the dock focusing on my own errand.  They are so lovely even though they have destroyed anything I plant in the back yard.  We now have the pomegranate under netting as it tries to grow at the very top edge of its natural range near the sunny corner of the house.  Eventually I will have a meeting of the minds with this gang and they will probably win.

Yeah, back at yah!


  1. I agree: beautiful destroyers!

  2. Hi Tabor, We have a similar problem with deer eating our flowers. We finally started buying something called Liquid Fence (a spray) --and it works. The deer leave our 'stuff' alone...


  3. I have also used the various deer repellents, but hey have to be replaced so often and sometimes my yard actually smells bad! They didn't work as well. The fence I have up was much more expensive, but in my retiremnt much more satisfying as my roses and other shrubs are safe. It may also cut down on our tick population, I hae my fingers crossed.

  4. I have 8' deer fence, plastic netting, about 2" square, almost invisible and I totally love it. It really works in our heavily deer infested country. You can put up posts or attach it to trees. I highly recommend it. Just don't get smaller netting or it catches snakes, unpleasant for all concerned.

  5. They probably will win.. and that's probably the way it should be. You have such a lovely respect for the world around you.


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