Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I was rushing to the Post Office with a handful of holiday greetings to drop in the mail when the tree (photo above) near my neighbor's driveway caught my eye.  It looked like it was oozing something.  I remembered this tree with its stunning fungus on my return trip to the house.  I stopped by the roadside and brought out my point and shoot from my purse and took several photos of this luscious cluster of creamy fungus.  I knew that my neighbor would not be surprised or wondering what I was doing as I am rarely seen outside without a camera covering my face.

Don't they look so buttery?  Good enough to eat.  No squirrels are nibbling, so I am guessing that in reality they are not good enough to eat.  They are perfect in their form and have beautiful ridges beneath their vanilla skirts.  Click on the photo for all the delicious details and tell me what they remind you of.


  1. Buttery????? Hmmmm--don't think I would have thought of that description... BUT--I'm not a 'mushroom/fungus' person like some. That is a great picture though--and I can understand why that tree caught your attention.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. That's pretty wild. Fungii never cease to amaze ... or mystify.

  3. They look like a cluster of bells to me. I do see trees like that around here, but never when the shrooms are so fresh as these. They're usually weathered and dry.. but always beautiful. Great catch.

  4. Peruby, I guess you are right!

  5. They look like cute little insulated hats to me. Love the buttery color and their beautiful form.
    I'm going out into the light snowfall now to collect the mail....with my camera, of course :)
    Glad you had yours with you when you spotted that pretty sight.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with you hubby and family, Tabor.

  6. Skirts. Definitely skirts (in fact there seems to be one bare bottom revealed under one!)


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