Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Collection of Some of the Little Guys

I took hundreds of bird photos but will share the smallest of them.

Just a collection of photos of the forest birds in Florida that we spotted on our hikes and canoe trips.  Above a catbird.


Snow Plover?

Least Grebe

Painted Bunting at the Corkscrew Swamp feeder
(For a closer view, you may wish to click on the photos.)


  1. That painted bunting has glorious feathers! We have kingfishers on our pond here in western MA and catbirds galore. I remember the mockingbirds in Florida - they sang everyone else's song all day long!

  2. Love the birds, especially the second one. You capture nature and its inhabitants beautifully.

  3. I wished I could list the birds that visit me. Most come and go, never hanging around long enough for me to grab a book, a camera, a good look.
    Thanks for these.

  4. oh wow, that last one is like a paint palette...beautiful. i like the kingfisher as well...

  5. Those kingfishers have beautiful plumage once you enlarge the photos.

    Great shots as always Tabor!

  6. We have Indigo Buntings as new visitors to our area. It took a while to figure out what they were. Wow, what a thrill it would be to see some Painted Buntings. I'm going to keep my eyes open but it's pretty doubtful they would come to Oklahoma.

  7. What a collection of beauties! Kingfishers are among my favourite birds. We had a family of them on our local pond last year. They're a treat.. as are your photos.

  8. Tabor, I've enjoyed your Florida birds immensely! I always loved the pelicans when I was living by the ocean in Australia.
    Your little heron was a fascinating lunch guest. What a treat! You got some great shots of him. I especially love seeing the details in the closeup.
    You captured some wonderful shots! The plover looks like our kildeer. Aren't the colors amazing in the painted bunting. Wow!
    I hope our catbirds show up soon :)
    We had grackles and more redwings at the feeders a little while ago. Spring is definitely in the air.

  9. Kingfishers are a common sight down here on the telephone wire that runs along the Tamiami Trail. You sort of forget about them with all the other bigger wading birds getting all the attention.

  10. There are some mighty (literally I'm sure) beaks on some of those little birds!

  11. The kingfishers and the snow plover do it for me. They are all cracking images, though. Very fine.

  12. Hi Tabor - such wonderful photos!

    I'll sit on the log for a long time if the Painted Bunting is in view! Santa gave me a model kit of this bird when I was a kid - been fascinated with them ever since but have only had a few glimpses of them here.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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