Monday, March 22, 2010

Hot House Flowers

 A gray and rainy spring day is framed by the windows of my dining room.
Silver drops of cold hang from sharp holly leaves.
Winter smoky fog and sage greens linger peacefully in the ravine.
Tiny bright green noses of flowers to come
push through the newly laid chocolate mulch 
as if they were hungry pups looking for their mother.
And at my table
sheltered in the artificial warmth
these brazen hussies fly open.
Full-faced trumpets imploring for touch and kiss and more.
Flowers of summer with their own
self-stimulation to satisfy their high ardor. 


  1. Brazen hussies indeed! Very nice poetry. My amaryllis are starting; such summer sensuality in spring.

  2. Lovely pictures, and terrific imagery!

  3. Oh, Tabor...beautiful flowers. I think I am about to work on some flowers as Spring explodes. Your shots are giving me some inspiration.

  4. Gorgeous images and very evocative writing.

  5. Love your words, Tabor, and those red blossoms are gorgeous. What a beautiful sight on an early spring morning!!!!!


  6. imploring for touch and it. great pics as well!

  7. Beautiful! :) I'm loving the start of spring this year.

  8. Beautiful flowers and your poetry bring them to life! You make me want to go out and buy some fresh flowers for the foyer. Maybe tomorrow. :)

  9. Beautiful capture of the lovely red flowers.

  10. Absolutely beautiful so glad I visited you makes me smile to see the color and beauty of mother nature.

    Dorothy from grammology

  11. Wish I had your gift of words!!
    Absolutely beautiful flowers.
    The do not look real!!

  12. Wonderful post. Love the shadow play in the first two images.

  13. Glorious blooms and beautifully photographed, Tabor.
    You have such a way with words.
    My "Minerva" was a very similar coloring, but with more white and some striping. I still haven't posted any photos of her. Must do so!
    A note about the chocolate mulch (if you mean that literally ) - I recently read that cocoa shell mulch is lethal to dogs and cats if they eat it..which they apparently will do because of the chocolate smell. I don't remember you mentioning having a dog or cat but think the warning is worth knowing. Here's where I read about it


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