Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Days of Potential Blue

The breeze across my yard the day I am writing this post is a cool blue giving me goosebumps on my bare arms.  I wander peaking at each and every plant trying to decode its message long before the blue blossoms open wide blowing me away with their shades of azure, teal, cobalt, grape, gentian...  Blue is peace and sighs.  Blue is new beginnings and freshness.  Blue is the color where the ocean meets the blue of the horizon and where the sky kisses the ocean's surface and promises the potential of new vistas and new days and new growth.

Even the pretty bluebirds have potential new blue color to add to the garden this summer.  They picked the most practical birdhouse this year.  (Last year there was some discussion about where they would take up residence, if you recall.)  No blue roof or twining flowers to draw curious predators this time.  Just the bigger house facing away from the prevailing winds.  I am excited to greet them and welcome their blueness.

Blue usually means sadness or coldness, but in my yard it means potential for wowness!


Endment said...

Wonderful I will want to come back often on days when I have the blues :)
Photos and prose are perfect!

Brian Miller said...

your blue made me anything that last pic is just beautiful...

Barry said...

Wowness is right.

I love this time of year.,

NanU said...

Blue is always such a calm and serene color. Not all agitated like Red, or too easily corrupted like yellow.
Beautiful bluebird - a perfect catsnack!

One Woman's Journey said...

I love the color blue - also shades of green....nature colors.
Wonderful bluebird image.

lakeviewer said...

Lovely! Potential Blue covers every beautiful blue around.

Anonymous said...

That blue bird is absolutely gorgeous! I have a blue wall-to-wall carpet at home. Love blue!

Hilary said...

Your posts are always loaded with wowness. Beautiful blues.

Chris said...

The Bluebird Song, traditional I think

One you'll have sadness,
Two you'll have joy.
three get a present,
four get a boy,
five receive silver,
six receive gold,
seven's a secret that's never been told.
Eight a love letter with promises three.
Nine means your true love is as true as can be.

Only once in a lifetime, the old folks say.
The vision of the bluebirds will come your way.
Only if you're dreaming, only if you're still.
Only neath an apple tree on a green hill.
So stop all you're hurrying and worrying away.
And take time for dreaming on a summer's day.
Wait for the bluebirds and when they come along,
Count your blessings in a bluebird song.

One you'll have....

Tabor said...

Chris, that poem is so true. The bluebirds will flit and then are really hard to see even with their coloring.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Wowness is right! Lovely.

Rachel Cotterill said...

Lovely pictures - you can feel the world warming up for summer :)

A Write Life said...

Beautiful flower and I love the bird photo. Have a great day.

Kerri said...

Nothing beats the blues. Love this post - photos and prose - beautiful. Wish we had bluebirds! But I'll just enjoy yours vicariously. They'll be safe from the cats that way :)
We have tree swallows building nests in our boxes. They've never stayed to lay eggs though. Probably a wise decision.
I found our resident robins' nest the other day. Lovely birds. We also saw and heard an oriole on Sunday morning. What a song!