Friday, August 22, 2014

My Jilted Garden

She sits neglected
Like an orphan
and sadder than the match girl

No one looks into her baleful eyes
No one notices her feet are muddy,
and her toes overgrown with weeds

She still wears flowers, faded,
In her matted hair
the petals tangled with interloping insects

Visitors arrive to eat and run
As autumn waits impatiently on the threshold
to claim the season

And I,
do not know where to begin!


Brian Miller said...

this is a bit is hard to know this season...between one and the next...knowing most will go to ground soon for the long sleep

ellen abbott said...

mine also but not because I don't know where to begin but because it is still too freaking hot out there to do anything.

Celia said...
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Celia said...

Lovely photos and prose, I am still hiding inside from the heat.

messymimi said...

It's that not knowing how to begin that gets me, especially since i'm no gardener. That's one reason i admire people who are.

Red said...

Good to see some poetry again. I guess most gardens would feel somewhat neglected now that things are quickly winding down.

Linda Reeder said...

This is so beautifully expressed. August is the "let it go to seed month" so it's OK, you know.

Jenny Woolf said...

Oh, your poor garden! I felt quite sorry for her. Maybe you should introduce her to a handsome gardener just for a day or so :)

Pauline said...

Ha! Were you looking at my garden when I wasn't looking? I'm beginning today, with the first weed that comes to hand!