Thursday, August 28, 2014

Here She Comes

She is pungent pepper and sage that was crisply fried 
She is heart of oak with just a hint of Cabernet 
She is burnt chocolate that is chalky and slow to melt on the tongue 
She smells smoky and ghostly dusty and seared with lost angels' wings
She does not make you work for the sight of her beauty but she is a terrible tease 

All that is green now makes a bed for the brown that falls from above
Crunch and scutter become the new percussion sounds
At the end of the day
And everyone else (except for black, bold crows) becomes quiet and waits
For the grand entrance that is slower
Than gooey molasses across the fondant of Halloween candies

Every year, like her lover, I wait patiently for her arrival 
And watch as she drops calling cards hither and yon

in the weeds
of my life
Mixing sarcasm and flattery 
Just to keep me on the edge 
And to keep me distracted 
Before she shoves that first cold caress in my face
and then giggles with the cold dawn that seals her arrival.


  1. this is a beautiful description...and playful too...ah she is...and i love her...only wish she would stick around a bit longer after....

  2. This is a beautiful way to tell us that fall is on it's way. We don't mind fall with all it's beauty. It's what comes after fall that worries us.

  3. Beautiful images and the poem, I love it.

  4. In the swamp heat, we can hardly wait for the first hind of autumn! You've described it beautifully.

  5. It will be a while yet before she makes her way down here.

  6. Beautiful description of Autumn. You are a gifted writer.

  7. "Fondant"...on the edge. Gifted yes, wonderful thinking. So glad I know you.

  8. I was sitting at my son's football practice and felt her inching ever closer. The crispness in the air, the earlier and earlier arrival of dusk, cooler days. She is definitely coming.

    Beautiful poem and pictures!

  9. Like this nifty prose words

  10. Great photos on your recent posts --- barbara


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