Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Are You Lost?

It is very quiet, loudly quiet.
We are the only two souls on this planet.

The two young eagles left when we arrived,
Actually left long before we turned the bend into this pocket lined with reeds.

They did not have their showy dramatic coloring yet and were just learning to dive and dart and find food with the fish spending more time out in the Bay.

They looked like young warriors in camouflage so far away overhead.

We sat in the grasses in thought and wonder for some time.
We felt we were visiting some sacred place.
We had also frightened out a few mallards just moments ago
And we regretted that our presence was so wearing.

Listening to our breathing
Then I heard a short brassy toot.
So quiet and so short I could not tell from where it came.
Did I see something moving in the cluster of grass ahead?

We dipped the paddle and moved forward quietly and carefully.

Ah, something was peaking at us!

Something that released a tiny honk followed by a tiny quack with a question at the end.
Something that could not find a runway to escape.
Something we had accidentally pinned to the bank.
We watched it for a small time and then realized it was all alone.

Very odd - a sole goose.
We discussed reasons in quiet tones.
Lost his flock?  Blown in by a storm?
Then we felt sadly it might be wounded from an unsuccessful hunter.
We had watched a hawk devour a winter goose dinner for the same reason
two years ago just down by our dock.

We paddled backwards every so gently
As we did not want him to become more afraid
And left him alone to deal with whatever challenge life had dealt him.
Hope he makes it through the winter.


  1. loved the pic of the cattails. hopefully the lone goose was just caught off guard and will join it's companions.

  2. Events like these are very spiritual. Great description of Eagles.

  3. I too hope he makes it through the winter. You stay warm there.

  4. Sometimes out in the woods or swamps, i feel like i'm trampling in a cathedral. It makes me want to stay quiet and keep it a sacred space.

  5. I love the way you see and share your world. I hope the goose finds its mate/flock soon. But you could well be right. He probably would have taken off rather than hide.

  6. Poetic choices, brilliant.

  7. Those cattails and grasses are gorgeous. Perhaps the goose is not lost -- or hurt. Hope for the best that he will be fine -- barbara

  8. Great pics n story- That MUST be a sacred place after all!

  9. Anonymous10:48 PM

    I could feel the peacefulness of this place through your words and photos. I hope that geese's tale has a happy ending!


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