Monday, November 03, 2014

Chasing and Dancing

It is the season of fairy dancing.
Umbrellas are up in case of rain
and the percussion of crackling leaves
begins to set the energy
for tempestuous swirling and giggling.

Bees are drunk with nectar, weighed down
by the mess of the pollen
and refusing to leave before
the last call of a cold wind 
pushes them out the door.

Pink ladies spill dew
on butterfly wing dresses 
and blush with silly shame 
as they make their way past low sunbeams 
to the final dance
in the cooler winds of autumn wind.

No one is immune.
We all chase the glorious sun 
to the edge of the river 
for a last warm golden bath 
before we must shiver on home.


ellen abbott said...

I'm not ready for winter. Glad for the heat of summer to be gone but not ready for winter.

joeh said...

I love the Winter...for about 6 weeks.

messymimi said...

Yes, i am hugging the sunshine close right now!

sandra hagan said...

Welcome photographs! Welcome words!

I am coming to love winter, the winter world!

Red said...

I always like your poems that describe the changing scenes of the world. Rather spiritual.

Brian Miller said...

i hope they enjoy that last dance...i like the thought of the leaves laughing and twirling as they fall as well...

Hilary said...

You still have some of the loveliness of the past season. We've just had a white reminder of the next one. Lovely pics.

Kat said...

I'm still chasing the sun. Always. I'm just not ready for winter.
Lovely post!