Sunday, November 09, 2014

End of the Canoe Excursion

We paddled about three miles north with some leisure. Stopping to admire a tree or ID a raptor.  I had my telephoto only, so capturing the wide open spaces was a little hard.  

There were little treasures to swing out and away from the shore and avoid.

We disturbed this crow who was working on a mid-morning snack.  He flew just ahead along the shore and then when we were closer we guessed it was a bivalve of some kind that he was opening with his can-opener bill.  When he finished he dropped it into the water and it looked like a mussel as we coasted by.

Blurry with the waggle of the canoe.

Finally we reached the point of land that hid a cove just behind.

And just beyond a little spit of beach which was perfect for lunch.  We brought the canoe up tight and began sorting through the food, mostly snacks of one sort or another.

I was not as hungry and instead began exploring with the camera once again.

Geese, raccoons, deer and herons had all spent early or late light on this beach.  Their footprints and calling cards were everywhere.

No matter which direction you looked, it was a great view for lunch.  Finally we decided to poke into the marsh at the end of this cove as the tide was high enough.  There was a beaver living there and we wanted to see if he still was in residence.  I did not get a clear shot of his house but we did disturb two red-tailed hawks in the marsh grass.  They took to the trees at first, but because it all happened so fast and hubby stood in the canoe to see the beaver dam frightening the hawks off into the field, I only got this one quick shot below.

If you want to see a LOVELY truly expert shot of a red-tailed hawk...go here to Daniels blog.   That is what my photo was supposed to look like if I had a tripod and a husband who did not need to get a better view by standing in the canoe!


joeh said...

I was taught to never stand up in a canoe...unless you want a better view.

Celia said...

Your photos are delightful, but I am really in love with the white feather snap.

Linda Reeder said...

Such beautiful photos! thank you.

sandra hagan said...

Your photographs are thrilling.

Red said...

I'll bet you wish this little canoe trip would go on forever as it's very pleasant.

Bob Bushell said...

Amazing photos, everything is natural.

messymimi said...

It's all beautiful, even when someone stand when he shouldn't.

ellen abbott said...

you are making me want to get on the river again.

Mage said...

Did he see the dam? Seriously, that green and yellow root system is flat out stunning. Not a red tailed hawk but stuffing none the less.

Daniel LaFrance said...

The reflections, the crow and the hawk are all great treasures.

Now if your camera and lens are insured then certainly stand in the canoe. If not, pinch him while informing him to sit in your own unique way.

Scriptor Senex said...

All your photos are stunning but the first one is super stunning (is that a valid expression - any way, you know what I mean).
Do you use Pinterest at all? I hope you don't mind but I have pinned it onto my wildlife board. I have acknowledged the source of course.