Friday, February 05, 2016

After Midnight

It is past midnight and something has pulled me out of my light sleep. Some evenings sleep comes like a full sedative and other evenings it hangs in the air over my bed taunting me by blowing air in my face each time I start to go under.

I watch the moon's light dance across the bedroom that what aroused my senses?  Clouds mask the pearl and the room darkens once again.

Then I hear another sound outside the window. It is the geese convention that meets here in February.  It is a large convention of strutters and flappers and hearty laughers.  There are hundreds of them tucked all the way to the end of our finger of the river, and all it takes is one tip-toeing fox to set them off on a chorus line of brassy musical crescendos faking bravery.

I wait and once again comes the hush of night,  the sound of an appliance whooshing softly, the air ducts clicking with the warmth pushing into the room.

Then I hear another sound more clearly.  The sound of rain washing against a skylight in the other part of the house, rain that in minutes changes to pattering hail, tossing tiny orbs of ice as if in some ball game, a tapping so gentle that it should put me back into sleep, but it does not, because I must go back to bed and I am now up.


Granny Annie said...

Wow! Beautiful picture, beautiful writing.

ellen abbott said...

very nice Tabor. I generally wake up about 2 or 3 and if I can go right back to sleep, I'm good. otherwise I'm up for hours.

Midlife Roadtripper said...

What you've written here is why I love the night. Way too often, I stay up way too late and then notice the moon coming into my view. I'll wrap up in a blanket and sit on the front porch and while listening to the night music watch the moon set. I wish others might see with me, but then again, love that it seems to be setting just for me.

Lovely photo.

messymimi said...

It's beautiful, but such night waking is going to make me ill, i'm not getting enough rest.

Red said...

Did you call this post sleepless night? You have a good description of a sleepless night which I'm sure many people could identify with.

Linda Reeder said...

Your first paragraph sounds so familiar. Why is sleep sometimes so illusive?
This is a lovely piece of writing. It almost makes sleeplessness a beautiful thing.

The Furry Gnome said...

Beautiful writing!

lee woo said...

I praise loudly. I blame softly. See the link below for more info.