Monday, February 22, 2016

Yesterday Back in the Saddle

There are many ways to tell we are just over 26 days from the turn into spring as I write this post. This past morning was cool but not cold. I noticed this as I went outside in my stocking feet to take the photo below.  The sun was pushing these clouds ahead of its golden warmth.

We had a high of 56F by mid-day.  Rain is, of course, predicted as this warm air moving in meets the colder air.  I rushed to put on gardening clothes and spent several hours cutting away the dried stalks of perennials and pruning back the smaller shrubs.  I pulled dead annuals such as last summer's zinnias and saved the roots for this summer's class with children about root structure and size.  I took a hoe to the small annual cut flower bed and had to remove 80% of the chickweed that carpets the entire bed in lime green.  There were dozens of small larkspur plants from last year's seeds fighting for space with their ferny leaves.  I will have to go back in a week or so and hand pull those chickweeds in between.  I was ruthless in removing the black eyed Susan as they grow everywhere in other beds.  

While weeding near the hellebores I noticed that the sapsucker had braceleted the sugar maple's trunk sucking up the returning sugars.  I made a note to try and hide somewhere to get a photo. 

By noon the storm was moving in from across the river, and I was tired.

I had not I finished 50% of what I had hoped to complete but two and half hours of work was the best type of exercise I had had all winter.  I was glad to see the disturbed ground worms as I pulled up the excess of fennel plants.  I worked to the rhythm of the woodpeckers drumming in the tulip trees.  The only thing missing was the smell of earth, maybe not warm enough yet?  I did not rake the leaves and detritus as we usually still have ground freezes ahead of us.


ellen abbott said...

I've been doing much the same in small spurts. yesterday it got up to almost 80˚! too hot too soon. I hope it does not mean a brutal summer. we have rain this morning which we sorely need.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

covers my garden
and I wondered
if anyone else had it:)
So a little at a time
I will remove
My garden has been cut in half...

Red said...

That's a lot of work. It's always good to get out in the garden first thing in the spring.

messymimi said...

You did more than i could do in any garden. We also know it's almost spring, Mike-Next-Door is asking about mowing the lawn already!

Sophie said...

photo of sky and trees is so contrast. It feels so emotional. I think it doesn't matter how many things are done, the pleasure from process much more important.

Mage said...

Goodness, what a creative outdoor day. I love all those flowers you named with Zinnias topping the list. I'm feeling vastly more like me since I added the vitimin D3, but I still forget to water the plants. Did I mention that I got G a plant for our anniversary. When I brought it in the house he said, "Oh dear." Oh dear indeed.