Friday, December 16, 2016

Those Sexy Bandits Have Arrived

They arrived in larger numbers than usual and actually stopped by the bar for a quick drink before hiding in the holly trees.  (All taken through a window, so not super sharp.)

The water was frozen everywhere.  This was one of the few places where the water was not frozen and not ice cold!  Glad that they were tempted.  

The females arrived with their hair(feather)do perfect for the holiday season.

It was pretty cold even though the wind had dwindled to a small breath which only fluffed the tops of the head now and again.  And some of them were puffed up like butterballs.

They usually have yellow tips at the end of the trail and this one is red!  I thought that had something to do with gender, but I could not find information on that.  Hope they stay a while longer.


  1. SOOOOoooooo delightful too.

  2. PS: I am so slow these days with my thinking...but I got G a weather station minus the wind gauge. With it I bought a giant bag of bird food and a bird feeder. I was thinking he could have a lot of fun with these....inspired by your always wonderful pictures.

  3. Bbbbbbbbeautiful. I love it.

  4. One of my favorite birds. We used to see them in the spring (i think) for a day or three until they wiped all the berries of a bush. They all land and take off together in a way that reminds me of a school of fish.


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