Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Guessing Game

It is a guessing game to see where something will emerge after the thaw of the ground. Did that special plant double or even triple in size or did it die back to one small green sprout? Does it require nurture and tender care or does it need a spade to restrict its size and spread? Rarely does a plant know its place and just exist like a quiet neighbor. It can be too shy and eventually just give up or it can be aggressive and take over the place. Below two photos of new spring buds. So primitive looking, are they not? Do you know what they are?

Maybe I will let you know in my next post...


  1. They look familiar, but no name comes to mind.

  2. No idea. Pretty though!

  3. I like them what ever they are.

  4. No, i do not know, but they are pretty. Yes, the weeds take over, and what we want to grow does not. Amazing how it works that way.

  5. Plants have a mind of their own and do what they want or can. I need the answers!

  6. Those buds are not familiar to me.
    We have gone quickly from bud to full bloom here.


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