Thursday, May 24, 2018

Lean in for Your Close-up

I have been inspired by some other bloggers (such as Anvilcloud at the AC is On) to work at some macros of the flowers in my yard. I do not know if it is old age (mine) or the increasing warming and shortening of the spring seasons (climate change) or whatever, but my flowers seem to come and go so fast that I barely have time to record their ephemeral and infant beauty.  They are like enchanted virgins that must retreat before midnight!

Below are the very few  starlets that I found time to capture.  All photos have been gently manipulated.  The first is for sale  as a print and I put it on the site where I sell (on very rare occasions) a photo or two.

This above is one of my peonies which blooms very little as it is planted in too deep a shade beneath the dogwood perhaps styled as an homage to  O'Keeffe. I am moving it this fall and dividing it and urging it to go forth and propagate in a sunnier location.

This wild geranium gets more abundant every year, but it is also done blooming now!  I planted it because it is native.

And above is another peony that has survived our daily or nightly rainstorms.  This has been around about a decade and is also due for a division this fall.

I am guessing you see the common theme here including the poppies above.  Everything is covered in raindrops!!


  1. You have beautiful flowers, i hope they get to dry off very soon!

  2. I for one, like the details seen in a close up.

  3. At least the rain will keep the flowers fresh a bit longer. Spring is too fleeting.

  4. I flat out love these. Especially that first one.

  5. Absolutely stunning Tabor, I love them.

  6. You are good at that! So far I have been unsuccessful at the raindrops, or fail to see them on the transferred pics. Do love your flowers

  7. I understand that Peonies hate being moved and might refuse to flower for a season or two in protest. I hope that when you uproot and divide yous, that they will behave nicely and give you more beautiful flowers every year. Love your Macro photos. - Rosemary x


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