Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Peeling the Sun

Superbowl Sunday. I did not watch but hubby did. I cooked hamburgers, not on a grill, but on the cast iron skillet. It was a very 1950's evening. I kept my eye to the window as the skillet heated. The sky was softly cloudy toward the opening to the river covering most of the sky and that meant the sun was probably going to disappear without any glory. When I looked up, all I saw was a glint of warmth just over the tops of the trees on the peninsula, a soft cold glow. It was nothing special, but I took a photo anyway, as I am addicted.

I continued to cook. In about ten minutes a bit of color caught my eye and I turned off the stove and took my camera from the table. 

That is the thing about sunsets. You have to watch them because, like strippers, they like to tease.  They just want to see if you are paying attention.

It was cold and I was in stocking feet, but there was no wind.  I dashed back inside and set the table and then rushed back out for one final photo.


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Beautiful! I'm the same way....lol....addicted to seeing something and catching it on the camera. But your work paid-off...great colors and hue. Andrea

  2. Wow! Good photos! They get more beautiful as the sun sets.
    Winter sunsets have more magic than in the warmer months.
    Reading your words about the skillet, I realize it is been many years since I cooked a hamburg in the cast iron frying pan. What an amazement to think how ordinary things fade without much notice.

  3. Even when they are mostly the same, the skies ever change. Glad you were watching and shared it with us.

  4. that was one gorgeous display. everytime you think you've seen the peak and turn away it gets better.

  5. Wow, what beautiful sunsets, I for one it is superb.

  6. Oh, I am so envious of your sunset views. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Your view was gorgeous.

  8. What richness of color. :)


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