Friday, March 01, 2019


The cold and dark days of February force me to start artificial tropical plants in my kitchen. I "keep" amaryllis bulbs, take them outside when weather is warm, let them go dormant in fall and bury them as dry and clean bulbs in the dark of the basement until just such a perfect day in early February where I bring them up and encourage them to do their stuff. This double amaryllis bloomed back the last week of February. But I was too busy to post the show. The blossoms were at least 7 inches from tip to tip. Gorgeous and I cannot take my eyes off of it on its peak day!

It is full of itself in that it is top heavy with a juicy flow and has to be carefully staked as well as turned at least once a day. I notice only a small fragrance.

It is full of very sexy curves, is it not? Even a beauty in black and white it is Rubenesque in style.  

To harp on a theme, it is rather phallic in its earliest stages.

Do you overwinter bulbs??


  1. Our amaryllis bulbs are just coming into the light again.

  2. Beautiful
    Amaryllis, using a wet paper towel, removing the pollen parts helps folks with allergies.

    1. I also think that prolongs the blossoms.

  3. Good work! You have to know what you're doing.

  4. We have not been very successful at "keeping" amaryllis bulbs, but right now I have a bright red one with four gorgeous blooms opening in my south facing window, a gift from Christmas that we started in our minimally heated greenhouse.

  5. this is what my botanica erotica series was about...the sexiness of flowers. and this one just oozes it.

  6. Beautiful series Tabor.

  7. Amazing how a not so pretty little seed becomes such a beautiful flower.

  8. I have an amaryllis purchased this year with 2nd shoot coming up after previous bloom died. Have never wintered them though have last year’s bulb still, too.


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