Saturday, May 11, 2019

Ignoring the blossoms

In spring we may notice the lime green of leaves emerging from the brown stalks of plants, but soon we (at least I) become distracted by the blossoms with much more color. Below is the red oak in its spring freshness certainly deserving some attention!

Some plants have leaves that are not all green, and may even compete with their own flowers for glory. I noticed this potted geranium leaf on my deck last week.

While I sharpened the photo I have not enhanced the color in any color enhancement on all of the following photos either!

Above is a kiwi that my husband grows on an arbor on the side of the house. Its leaves are naturally variegated. I have a semi-shady yard and no longer need trees of any kind, but I fell in love with this tree below while shopping at a local nursery. Some of you may know what it is by the heart-shaped leaf.

It is the Carolina Sweetheart redbud. Redbuds grow easily here and I am hoping this variety will reward me for years to come.  It has the traditional purple flowers on the bark before the leaves have fully emerged.  It was developed as a collaborative project by NC State University and Star Roses and Plants Nursery.  The leaves are more rose than red.

The leaves eventually turn green for building chlorophyll but they should retain a white edge for interest. I will have to photograph this next year if it gets planted correctly. Below shows all the gradual changes to the leaves on one branch.


  1. We are all about the foliage here in this green, much of the time shady yard. I love the glowing greens of spring, with those occasional bright, show off leaves popping here and there.

  2. green is so soothing. I guessed redbud from the shape of the leaves but I have never seen this variety.

  3. So pretty. They require a second look.

  4. we have just planted a Redbud and are crossing our fingers that it will survive and will get enough heat to bloom!

  5. All of them are pretty, i wonder if a redbud would grow here in the swamps.

  6. You educate me to new things every day. Thank you...and for your kind words yesterday.

    1. I am not a really kind person...but I am honest on my comments ;-)

  7. Such loveliness all around. Spring is slow in coming here in Western MA - we've had more rain in the last month than we can handle and the ground is spongy with it, the flowers halted in mid-bud, the streams and creeks swollen and lapping at their banks. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful and lovely.


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