Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Summer Sex

Lilies are without a doubt one of the easiest plants to care for if you get them started. I have clumps of daylilies going down the side of my yard where they somehow took hold and each year form bigger and bigger clumps. 

There are at least nine classifications since they are so popular in gardens. Identification goes back to the agent Egyptians and Greeks and the Lilium group is global in variety and interest. 

My lilies are all about 2 feet high, but I have seen ones that are taller than 4 feet! I have maybe half a dozen (or more) varieties in my yard. Below are the ones that must be divided every three years without fail as they crowd themselves into corners of the bed.  I now have run out of places to put them!

They change with secret speed each day and soon the buds above look like the flowers below.

The blossoms are large and easy to study and clear in their reproductive parts. All the pollen and fuzz to collect and then shake onto the naked

anther for fertilization.  Sexy, isn't it?


  1. The colours are so cheerful!

  2. May be my favorite flower.

  3. sexy, yes. it's what my botanica erotica series was all about, those sexy flowers.

  4. A good title brings in the readers!

  5. Lilies are one of my favorite flowers. I like the wild lilies we have here.

  6. Lilies are so pretty, and they have so many different colors they never get boring.

  7. Your Asiatic lilies are lovely. I only hae Orientals and day lilies, and they are later.

  8. The deep red turns me on, ha ha. The pictures are superb.

  9. Fun stuff. I have one lone lilly. I saved it from one of our mad gardeners...with some freesias, and it had three blossoms this year.

    1. All you need it one...you don't need an orgy.


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